minstrel: This is going to be fun, right?

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Greetings from Linette de Gallardon!

At 06:02 AM 4/5/2009, you wrote:
>Greetings my Brothers and Sisters,
>I posted yesterday about how happy I was to find a connection to the 
>performing arts that might be of assistance to me in my 'new found' 
>world.  Now I am not so sure.
>Goodness, how quick to flame so many are.  I am very surprised, 
>taken aback and in all honesty, very disappointed.  This is going to 
>be fun isn't it?
>As I pointed out, my interests are in Theater and the Church.  I 
>have received with only one exception, thank you brother Cedric the 
>Minstrel for your information and support, only reasons why I 
>'can't, shouldn't, wouldn't, be period.

I'm a little confused - I've only seen one posting in reply to your 
question.  Have you been receiving private replies that were 
discouraging?  It is regrettable if it seemed folks were coming down 
on you, discouraging your enthusiasm, but I do think they were 
probably trying to help you.

As for your interest in theater and in the Church, have you looked 
into the mystery plays and miracle plays?  Cycles such as the 
Wakefield Cycle (some very good plays in this), the York Cycle, and 
the Chester cycle.  These plays started as little acts or tableaux to 
help illuminate the liturgy and eventually developed into complete 
plays and cycles of plays performed initially in the church, then on 
the exterior of the church or other public area.  And then eventually 
the Pope forbade the clergy to act so the town guilds took over 
presenting the plays.  If you have an interest in drama and in the 
church, these would be a wonderful source for exploration.

I hope that you stay enthused about your interests and that this 
group can be helpful to you!


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