minstrel: re gemshorns

antoniadg1 at juno.com antoniadg1 at juno.com
Sun Mar 8 09:13:07 PDT 2009

In the Seattle area, several of us have gotten gemshorns from Cip and play together as "Rancho Loco" at times.  Bill Lazar carries them.  They have great tone and volume.  Since each one is unique (except intonation is nicely consistent--but very sensitive to breath pressure), you need to try several to find one with the tone and shape that works for your hands.  They tend to be slippery!  I often play duets with soprano gems and alto recorder and it also works great with voices.  Much of the crumhorn and chanson rep fits the range.  The uniqueness factor, which makes people come up and start talking about the music, is great.  Also nice is they are compact, an alto gemshorn is smaller than my alto recorder.  Toni

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