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i now have three eppinette de voiges made by edward r turner. if you look
him up he is one of the worlds most prestigeous luthiers. his organistrum(a
two man hurdy gurdy)is in the canadian national museum of culture and can be
seen on line. he was also one of the top harpsocord makers and has made one
of almost every instrument you can immagine,

they lack tuning wrenches so they are at a friends to make three wrenches
then ready to go. they are small . like a small appilation dulcimer, but
with five or six drone strings. they have three or four strings over a
fretted finger board, again depending on how you like it. one less drone
string means one more melody string.

they are very pretty. with flowers painted on two and a rosette in the sound
hole on the other. ed is an excelent painter. he has so many skills i am
always amazed when i visit his shop.he made them from all solid woods and
period  metal pegs. they are metal strung. they have a violin peg head, and
nine strings set uo either as four melody and five drones or three melody
and six drones--or you could experiement, they have a solid wood
back--unlike the hungarian version of this instrument so you can play them
in your lap and don't need a table.

so i'm selling two for $250 canadian if anyone is interested. i will try to
get pictures but don't rely on it . iam very low tech.i guess i wouls ell
for $200 us funds.

he is also making several bass psaltrys. these have a three foot string
length at the longest so are quit unusual. one is being played by an early
music group in vancouver so i may be able to get sound clips. they won't be
finished for while.

and he does have a few hurdy gurdy bodies on the wall which will be finished
some day.

so if anyone wants an eppinette they will be availble soon. all design and
orniments are exact copies from museum pieces he studied in france including
the tuning pegs--or i would have been able to use a zither wrench.(he had
spares but he gave them away over the years to people who lost their
wrenches--ed has always been too easy going)

i'm keeping one, they have a lovely sound but aren't really loud. (i tuned
one with plyers--a major pain)they would be very good for someone who wants
a very easy instrument to play mostly to accompany singing.traditionally you
note the melody strings with a stick but you can use fingers for chords or

if any ones interested let me know, i'm on vacation untill february 20th so
no hurry

connoran dioghlatach
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