minstrel: Korean 15th century music book

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Jan 12 12:50:35 PST 2009

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hello all.  I just found out yesturday that the book I found at the
University of Iowa library from which I've been performing my Asian music
and has been out of print in hardback for many years is now about to be
released in paperback from Amazon this spring.
I checked the preview pages for the songs I sing and it's an EXACT match.
Here's the title as copied from amazon:
"Music of the Korean Renaissance: Songs and Dances of the Fifteenth Century
(Paperback)" author is Jonathan Condit.  Pre-order price right now is
Though it seems Korean renaissance, it actually includes both the korean
renaissance version and any medieval versions that served as the basis for
the korean version--and cites the culture of the original material, so you
are getting medieval chinese as well and maybe other cultures.
it's more than half sheet music and very playable.  everything people have
seen or heard me play at events have come from this book, so i really
suggest it.  it's probably one of the best period songbooks out there for
Asian music, especially vocal music.

So if East Asian music is an interest of yours...pre-order this songbook!

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