minstrel: duclimer & modes

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A couple of books you may want to search out:
Mel Bay Dulcimer a La Mode by Lorinda Jones (and others by the same author)
All the tunes that ever there were: An introduction to the dulcimer in the British Isles  by David Kettlewell.
Good luck.

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> anyone out there play medieval (modal) music on the 
> fretted/mountian/lap dulcimer. i'm learning more about playing 
> the such on this instrument & it's getting interesting. dad & dgd 
> tunings seem quite versatile especially when you can add a capo & 
> of course have the 6 1/2 fret. i've visited dulcimer clubs & 
> websites, but it quite rarely involves anything medieval. the 
> modern dulcimer with the frets accross all strings & with the 
> extra fret works so well i'm suprised not to see more about 
> involving music from the middle ages. anyway, just seeing if 
> anyone finds this interesting. also, have any of you had trouble 
> with others not seeing the dulcimer as a 'real' & 'inclusive' 
> instrument? 
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