minstrel: dulcimers

nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 13:03:00 PST 2008

i just posted about dulcimers. there verwsions in most european countries, the nederlandish hummel, the swedish humel, the german scheidholz, the french eppinette de voiges etc.

they were all common in ballad singing and folk or tavern music. they were less common in court music but they do turn up in references. i had an album of a german early music group--which unfortunately went uo in a fire--with have sheidholz songs and dance tunes so they must be on the net.

and i have a luthier frind who made several eppinettes two of which i hope to pick up next trip west.

a lot of the open tuned saz and caliscione and early bouzouki music is very similar so you can easily transfer the music from one instrument to another


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