minstrel: ems lutes

nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 19:17:09 PST 2008

i say what ever floats your boat. if the lute works go for it. i like the turkish stuff but a little bit depends on the player!!!

i've gotten to know many early music players and lutheriers in my life and one thing stands out.there were no standardize dinstruments! there was very variation you can imagine.

ray nurse did his graduate work measuring evry early lute and cittern and related instrument he could find and he said there were heavy ones light ones and everything in between. people get thinking there are set stamdards of what is or is not a lute or cittern etc but the truth is every variation would include almost all the modern variations excepting modern hardware.

as i posted a fewmonths ago i found references to a lute guitar in germany in period. it was the local variation onthe italian caliscionne. the difference to a lute guitar was pegs and possibly a lighter build but some were probably heavy. some lutes certainly were.

so those  gulutes peoplke used to make fun off aren't so out of period.

same for lutes made in pakistan or anywhere else. they may not fit modern western standard especially since th"enlightenment" among luthiersin the late eighties when every thing became super light in build and super resonant.

the real limitations were in strings! only very rich musicians had reliable and good quality strings. every body else made do withn whatever they had, much like indonesian instrument that buse hard ware wire for their strings--funky but they make a melodous sound.


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