minstrel: missed

nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 18:56:56 PST 2008

missed a few discussions while my e mail was glitched.

i noticed that people were discussing dulcimers, and sheidholzes.

i have an eppinette de voiges. the french version with five to ten drone strings as well as three melody strings.i got in a fortutitious trade when i brought my old fire damaged lute(actually water damaged--it was falling apart)to the luthier, and he siad he would put it in the someday to do bin if i gave it to him and he gave me a rebec and an eppinette. then if he ever finishes the lutei get first right of refusal. he's never finished the lute in ten years, so i made out like a bandit. especially since i took it to him to give it to him for parts as i thought it was unrepairable and i was moving across the country and no one wanted it but it had ivory fancy pegs and inlay that i thought some one ought to use for something.

that rambling story preludes that he called me recently and said he found two more eppinettes if i want them. he'll want aproximately $150 for each and i won't be able to resist. so anyone out there want an eppinette? i'll see him this chrictmass if all goes well and then go for it.

he is one of the most respected harpsicord makers in the world, but he quit as he makes more money doing exotic wood working for the very rich, cruise shipps and the like. sad really because when you're in his shop its clear what his real love is--instruments.and painting--he;s also an accomplished painter in oils and several other media. what talent.

i moil through this life and then see so much talent!

there are also kits out there formedieval dulcimers and i saw one played and it was a great sound. the kits were three strings with a square box which i think was southern german or austrian in design.there's a dutch version called a hummel and a swedish version as well. they were very widespread. there are modern versions still played in the balkans--mostly in serbia i think as i've seen a couple and the labels were in cyrillic.

these have never been my players as i am such a cittern bouzouki geek with a litle harp mixed in although the lauta i got in greece has taken up much of my spare time recently--its just beautiful to improvise on.

so i hope this gets to the list


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