minstrel: lutes

nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 10:41:47 PST 2008

lutes are usually very expensive. but you can occsionally they turn up on ebay , but the bidding can be fierce, but still cheaper than most sources.

that's why i thought some peole might want to phone the music store in athens for a turkish lavta. i like the microtonal frets but a tinkerer could find the right placement for western scale. the cheap ones are 150 euros and quite decent. i bought one that sang to me for 400 euros but thats still cheap. the handmade  best greek ones are 1500 euros.the best ones are faboulous but thats a lot. these are much betetr quality than any pakistani one i've seen.

these are fout course lutess so they are medieval not renaissance. but the earlier the better for some music.

sazs are also 120 to 180 euros and tey are of good quality. the problem is they rarely have hard shell cases so you are at the mercy of good packing

as to regular lutes there was a store that had turkish made ones for 600 euros and they were very good but he won't ship as he's had too many problems with insurance claims.

turkish lutheriery for these kinds of instruments is of the very best as they have an ancient tradition of ouds and sazes. 

so i hope this gets to the list i've had a few problems.


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