minstrel: Sources needed

Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
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Missed some:

Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems

Oxford Book of English Madrigals

Oxford Book of Italian Madrigals

Madrigal History Tour by the Kings Singers (does anybody know if the TV
series is out on DVD?  The CD is available) and there are a couple of books
of madrigals as arranged by the Kings Singers

There are some motet collections out there but they mostly tend to be very

I should have mentioned that HAMW, the Development of Western Music and the
Norton Anthology of Western Music all have companion CDS.

A basic diction for singers text such as Diction for Singers: A Concise
Reference for English, Italian, Latin, German, French and Spanish
Pronunciation by Joan Wall, et al., might also be a good idea.  They
generally give (modern) pronunciations (and church Latin) with a brief guide
to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), but they're aimed at singers.
But, this may be a bit technical for non-majors.  Actually, it was a bit
technical for some of the voice majors when I took the class . . .


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> For non-majors?  Hmmm.  I'm assuming you're not interested in English
> music here.

Actually, I am. I have _Shakespeare's Songbok_, he even cites my
ballads webpage :-) Duffin's _Performer's Guide to Medieval Music_ was
also recommended by another person who sent me private email.

-- Gregory


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