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Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Tue Jul 15 12:28:42 PDT 2008

I do have a few more to add, though not all are going to be academic.
Still, many or most will be available to anyone with access to an academic

Chaucer Songbook (with CD) by Carol Lloyd Wood

An English Songbook: Part Songs and Sacred Music of the Middle Ages and
Renaissance Foe One to Six Voices by Noah Greenberg

An Anthology of Elizabethan Lute Songs, Madrigals, and Rounds by Noah

(both of the Greenbergs have slight variations on how the titles are listed)

The Oxford Book of French Chansons by Frank Dobbins

Eight Centuries of Troubadours and Trouvères: The Changing Identity of
Medieval Music by John Haines

Western Plainchant:  A Handbook by David Hiley
Gregorian Chant by Willi Apel
Introduction to Gregorian Chant by Richard Crocker
Liber Usualis
Graduale Triplex
(Don't attempt the LU or the GT without one of the other three listed.)

The Notation of Polyphonic Music, 900-1600 by Willi Apel.  (Okay, so this
one is seriously on the academic side)

Sources of Irish Traditional Music c. 1600-1855: An Annotated Catalogue of
Prints and Manuscripts, 1583-1855 ed. Aloys Fleischman (again, little in the
SCA period but what there is, is outstanding, and demonstrates what would be
characteristic of music from that place and time)

New Oxford Book of Carols

Historical Anthology of Music by Women (aka HAMW.  Only a few pieces within
SCA period but the ones given are outstanding)

Historical Anthology of Music (Harvard; aka HAM)

Vol. 1 of the Anthology to the Development of Western Music by Stolba

Hoppin, Anthology of Medieval Music

Norton Anthology of Western Music, v. 1

Anthology of Renaissance Music, by Atlas

A Treasury of Early Music: An Anthology of Masterworks of the Middle Ages,
the Renaissance, and the Baroque Era

And for those who like that sort of thing:  The Catch Book (Oxford Song
Books) by Paul Hillier.  Mostly out of SCA period.


On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 09:13:53AM -0600, Patricia Yarrow wrote:

> For non-majors?  Hmmm.  I'm assuming you're not interested in English
> music here.

Actually, I am. I have _Shakespeare's Songbok_, he even cites my
ballads webpage :-) Duffin's _Performer's Guide to Medieval Music_ was
also recommended by another person who sent me private email.

-- Gregory

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