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Sorry, let me send this to the list instead of just to Vivien... *blush*

I do have Duffin's Performer's Guide, and it is a good "pick it up and learn something" book.  It's more like McGee's "Performer's Guide" than his "Singing Early Music," though, if that gives you any idea of the contents.  Since McGee's "Performer's Guide" is out of print, I often recommend the Duffin as a good overview text for early music performance.

 - Teleri

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I've been impressed with what I've seen of Ross Duffin so far.  He has
Performer's Guide to Medieval Music out but I don't have personal
with that one yet.  I do like his work on the effects of equal temperament,
which he does make accessible to non-majors, and his Shakespeare's

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