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For non-majors?  Hmmm.  I'm assuming you're not interested in English vocal
music here.

Book wise, don't overlook the first few volumes of the _New Oxford History
of Music_.  You can pick up earlier editions very cheaply. 

I've been impressed with what I've seen of Ross Duffin so far.  He has a
Performer's Guide to Medieval Music out but I don't have personal experience
with that one yet.  I do like his work on the effects of equal temperament,
which he does make accessible to non-majors, and his Shakespeare's Songbook.

There's _A History of European Folk Music_ by Jan Ling.  Not all that
pertinent to SCA period stuff, and a bit dry for non-majors.

Recording wise, I do think the recordings of David Munrow are fairly
accessible, and the liner notes are generally quite good.  There's a
compilation set released as "Early Music Festival" that includes some 50
pieces, lots of Italian stuff.  His "Pleasures of the Royal Courts" is now
downloadable, selection of Trouvere, Burgundian, Italian, Spanish and
German.  For English Renaissance I like the Deller Consort, too, but I'm a
bit old-fashioned.

On an idle whim I checked to see if there's an "Early Music for Dummies" out
there.  There is, on CD.  I have no idea if it's any good, but there are
some good choices on it, though not all vocal.  It came out in 1997, though,
so not currently in print.


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I'm teaching a class at Pennsic about academic resources for learning
European vocal music. Two great resources are McGee's _Singing Early
Music_ and Margaret Switten's _The Medieval Lyric_. Both of these
contain CDs with proper pronunciations on them. Is there anything
similar?  Does anyone have a good introduction for the non-music-major
that they can recommend?

-- Gregory

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