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hugh ryan saporling2 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 13 14:50:24 PDT 2008

have a question-
i am playing classical guitar with our local group & everyone likes what the instrument has to offer-soft lute tunes, accompianing voice, & good volume for outside.  i've considered a more period instrument like a lute but have never played one.  i met a player who tuned his like a guitar-that would be nice, but what about the volume & being able to play a drinking song outside with a few people singing along.  they seem to be rather quiet-but can you get some volume out of them if you need to.  i really don't like metal strings & would like to be able to transfer what i already know from guitar.  just curious-i prefer to be period, but i also want to play music for our group & it's going very well.  thanks,  hugh

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