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Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Wed Jun 11 14:54:07 PDT 2008

I didn't even realize I was singing with vibrato until a judge at an SCA
bardic competition decades ago commented on it.  It can be entirely


(And in the curious coincidences department, that judge was Ariel . . .)




Jen (Anna) wrote:


Interesting you should bring this up... I am a mezzo and I had a voice
teacher in college who was also a mezzo and her take on a 'good' verbrato
was one that was not forced, but rather occurred naturally as part of the
natural over and under tones of a note.  I.e. you didn't need it to sound
great, but if it occurred as a natural part of your singing/style, than it
could enhance or complement your sound.  On the flip side, a forced verbrato
sounds forced and does not add to the beauty of your sound.


Just my two cents...


Jen (SCA: Anna MacKenzie, bard ret.)
BardofBH at gmail.com 

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