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{{But most are.  (I had a friend who sang like "Snow White" even as a
child, and it drove our choir director crazy, so yes, it happens.)
People believe they should have it, and if they have to fake it by
panting or moving their jaw, they'll do it.  It takes a lot more air to
stay on pitch without any vibrato, which is why it's so frequently

Interesting you should bring this up... I am a mezzo and I had a voice
teacher in college who was also a mezzo and her take on a 'good' verbrato
was one that was *not* forced, but rather occurred naturally as part of the
natural over and under tones of a note.  I.e. you didn't need it to sound
great, but if it occurred as a natural part of your singing/style, than it
could enhance or complement your sound.  On the flip side, a forced verbrato
sounds forced and does not add to the beauty of your sound.

Just my two cents...

Jen (SCA: Anna MacKenzie, bard ret.)
BardofBH at gmail.com
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