minstrel: Performance styles was Calling On Song

Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Wed Jun 11 13:56:26 PDT 2008

Oops- I meant Mike Waterson's Tam Lin, on his solo album.  Bad pronoun
reference!  No biscuit!


Adelaide wrote:

[<<Tim Hart doesn't choose to sing like that, he just does!>>

You should hear his Tam Lin.  Really, you should, especially since you
mentioned the narrative elements of the ballad.  His ornamentation is
superb and very, very natural.]

I probably have.  Years ago when I saw Steeleye Span (at the Cambridge Corn
Exchange-- gotta love those town market holdovers!), Tim Hart "opened" for
them, a shameless case of double-dipping, but he wanted to do some of his
favorite trad TRAD, not as SS does it.

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