minstrel: A Calling-On Song

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Wed Jun 11 11:32:15 PDT 2008

--- On Wed, 6/11/08, Patricia Yarrow <yarrowp at mscd.edu> wrote:

> Oh, I'm green with envy again.  We tried to track down
> Bob Evans when we
> were in Cardiff about ten years ago, only to find that his
> shop had turned
> into a dentist's office.  Is he still building harps?

That I don't know, but I could check with harpist friends. He has a website for his group that features crwth and lyre. You might email him. 
> You're making me want to pick up and move to Wales,

Hey, I moved to England back in 2000. It's not impossible. They even took my money and made me a citizen, so I possess dual citizenship. The UK government has made such immigration more difficult recently. However, I wasn't married to Raphe when I moved here, and he didn't bring me over on a fiance visa. I found a job at an international school and they provided me with my first visa. Now I work at a college teaching A-level English Language and Literature to the English. ;)

We'll definitely be back in Wales in September for Ffair Rhaglen IV, but we may get there over the summer holidays.

Ariel, enabler

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