minstrel: A Calling-On Song

Patricia Yarrow yarrowp at mscd.edu
Wed Jun 11 11:12:14 PDT 2008

Oh, I'm green with envy again.  We tried to track down Bob Evans when we
were in Cardiff about ten years ago, only to find that his shop had turned
into a dentist's office.  Is he still building harps?

You're making me want to pick up and move to Wales, Ariel.


Ariel wrote:

How much do I like Frankie Armstrong? She was playing a double bill with
Leon Rosselson in April -- one night only in *Cardiff*, which is almost a
three-hour drive from our home. However, it was a Thursday night during my
two-week Easter holiday from teaching, so I wouldn't have to get up early on
Friday and the husband could take off work. Therefore, we drove to Cardiff
for the show.

Frankie is in her late 60s now, but her voice is still as strong as ever. It
had been years since I'd seen her perform live, and I just sat there, in the
front row, in awe. (And she had Bob Evans playing crwth with her on a couple
of songs, for a period instrument. :)

She is highly recommended.


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