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To clarify, the gig is at the CASEE Center, just on the north side of Vancouver, Washington in Brush Prairie.  The 3-acre gardens are called Wildlife Botanical Gardens.  We have completed the 10th little themed garden on the site called Flying Flowers (plants to attract hummingbirds and other flying pollinators) and it is a party to celebrate that opening and to raise money.  We are having classes and I believe may be selling plants.  It is to accompany that during the day and is August 16.  

Perhaps the best thing would be a couple of groups so that no one person is stuck playing for long periods.  

We have a classical harpist who will play but the fee cuts quite steeply into what we anticipate making since it is a nonprofit.  So, there may be pay but it would help to make it less than the harpist, so maybe a deal could be made.


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Whereabouts? There’s an awfully large amount of territory covered by this list (e.g. I’m in Adelaide, Australia)
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We have need of some harpists or other musicians capable of playing at a nonprofit garden 'party' - is actually a fund raiser and garden opening.  If anyone knows of any, please feel free to pass this along.
Interested parties please contact me off list.  
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