minstrel: lyres and dilcimers

nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 16:20:21 PDT 2008

i have seen some very bad stuff from mid east you want
to try it first.

if you live near denver there is a music shop that
specializes in harps starts with a k i think. the harp
playing busker most days at the boulder mall will know

i have an eppinette de voiges, a fretted dulcimer from
france withsix drome strings. i hardly ever paly it
but it was well made by edward r turner who was in his
day one of the best luthiers in the world. especially
for harpsicords but also almost every early

the last time i was in his shop he had two or three
more he offered to give to me but we never
connected--he's given up that work. if anyone wants
one i will try to pin him down. he would likely jump
at 200 bucks as they have lain around for years,and he
offered them to me for free at one time.h also has a
short history of the instrument.

unfortunately for musicians he makes a lot more money
doing speciality wood working for very rich people and
hotels so good bye eking out a living on instruments,
but if he's in town and not too busy you will find his
real passionsare art(he's an excelent painter) and

so any one want a eppinette? i'll make a few phone
calls. he was working on a posh hotel in the carribean
most of the last two years but he comes back
occasionallyand maintains the shop. his eppinettes are
copy of a barogue instrument so a litle out of period
but very similar to ones in period. i hae one of his
rebecs and i love it when i play it.  i'm getting old
and lazy so i have been playing mainly my four regular
instruments and not the field recently

as for lyres i would try lark in the morning over mid
east instruments. they are hit and miss but they
occasionally get real deals. they had ebony flutes a
few years ago that friends of mine raved about,
special ordered inpakistan but properly made. and
their modern cittern right now is considered to be
better than many twice the price as a good starter

mid easst can produce some really bad stuff, i've
looke at thier lutes but i have been warned they fall
apart in two or three years

back to the eppinette , in jean ritchie's book
researching the history of the dulcimer she did find
one recording of the traditional eppinette on wax that
the museam woulfn't let her play--sigh, but maybe it's
on the net by now. the eppinette isn't as loud as the
dulcimer but sweet. it was mainly an accompaniement
instrument for singers but as such perfect for many
scaers. easy to play and relatively small

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