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Yarrow Patricia yarrowp at mscd.edu
Thu Apr 17 09:08:28 PDT 2008

I've recently done a fair bit of research on and transcription of chant,
mostly using the Liber Usualis and the Graduale Triplex.  It's really not
that difficult to work from the neumes.  What I've been studying is the use
of modes in chant.  The results might come as a surprise; there are many
examples in chant of modes that were thought to be theoretical or used only
in secular music, including the Locrian, Aeolian, and Ionian, as well as
hexatonic and pentatonic modes.  I'm working on arrangements of each for
small harp, which may not be helpful with the lyre but may be of interest to

Anyone who's looking at this repertoire please feel free to contact me,
though I would suggest using my personal email - lottiedeno7 at aol.com .  

Gregory wrote:

There's only a short period of overlap between written music and the
end of the popularity of the lyre in the 11th century. Two sources
would be troubadour songs, and sacred chant. You can read a little intro
about this music at the top of:


I don't currently have a webpage which gives pointers to online and
offline transcriptions of music from various eras, I suppose I should
make one someday...

-- Gregory

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