minstrel: fretted dulcimers in the sca

Lisa and Ken Theriot Lnktheriot at satx.rr.com
Mon Apr 14 09:33:44 PDT 2008

Sap wrote:

[just wondering if any of you have any experience with playing fretted
dulcimers in the sca.  i've got some good sources of period music which
works well with the instrument using modes.  just curious about other
players & their reception & how they used the instrument.]

It depends on your crowd.  If you have a typical figure-eight shaped
Appalachian dulcimer, there will be some people who will object to it as
being a modern instrument.  (Ironically, many of these people aren't
bothered by bodhrans played in the 20th-century style, but there you
are.)  My Laurel used to play a scheitholz, which was basically the same
instrument, but it was shaped like a long rectangular box.  People
generally said, "That's cool!  What is it?" rather than "Oh, a

If your goal is to entertain the masses at an event, go for it; 90% of
the people will think it's great.  If your goal is to compete in the A&S
arena, it's worth finding a near cousin instrument with a longer


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