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Anna von Silvenhain silvenhain at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 13 06:48:34 PDT 2007

this one?


can buy it, if you want.


--- Greg Lindahl <lindahl at pbm.com> schrieb:

> I've always been curious if the Dutch have sea
> shanties from before
> 1600, since they had a lot more sea stuff going on
> than then English.
> I see there's a book, "Wat lijdt den zeeman al
> verdriet: het
> Nederlandse zeemanslied in de zeiltijd, 1600-1900".
> (Zeemanslied = sea
> man's song.) It's so obscure that Stanford and
> Berkeley don't have a
> copy; OCLC claims that UIUC, UMich, Cornell, LOC,
> Columbia, and
> Harvard are the only copies in the US.
> I'd love it if someone was interested in looking at
> it to see if it
> seems to have any tunes close to 1600. Yes, it's in
> Dutch. Fortunately,
> they write their dates just like we do. :-)
> If I don't get any nibbles I'll see about ILLing it,
> but it seems a
> shame to ILL something that only has an iffy chance
> of being useful.
> Any takers?
> -- Gregory
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