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On Nov 16, 2006, at 9:37 AM, Lieder, Lisa wrote:

> This is a fascinating topic.
> My call (entirely unprofessional) is that they should be two separate
> entries (Performance and Composition).
	Looking at the event page, I see two categories: "full  
documentation" and "partial documentation".  Performing from  
manuscript with music stand is completely UNdocumentable for my time  
and place,  the one I composed music for is miles from being paper- 
independent even for the harp part, and the verses are too long and  
complex for me to memorize in the next year or two at best, so if I  
want to perform the piece I wrote the melody for or even some other  
Minnelieder I have moderately-documentable melodies for, I need music  
and a music stand.  I can't memorize as fast as I could a few decades  
ago, even if my 13th-century self could have, living in a less  
heavily paper-dependent culture.  8-)
> For performance the scope should be judged based on your research and
> application of "how" a performer would perform a piece. How would they
> dress, behave, interact (or not) with the audience.

	This I can do, but only for a piece I have memorized, because that's  
a basic requirement of the style, whether fully or only partially  
documentable, or original based on period practice and performance.
> For example, a
> Mudahar from Persia would perform a traditional Persian prayer poem  
> (in
> Chant)very differently than a Fundamentalist Berber from North Africa
> (Screaming), an Andalusian Muslim from Granada (Sardonic) an English
> Crusader (Formal) or a Spanish Conquistador (With great force of
> history).
	Exactly!  And a period performance can only be FULLY explained  
without breaking persona by written documentation.
> As a woman, I could not perform this poem in the Persian, Berber or
> Spanish style. But I could perform it in an Andalusian style or as an
> English woman.
> Questions to ask in performance:
> Would the piece be memorized or would you bring music/composition?
> Would there be improvisation?
> What kind of pace would it have?
> Would the performer remain on stage or move about the audience?
> Would they make eye contact with the audience?
> Would there be intermezzas?
	These are excellent questions.  In my case, the answers to the  
second and last questions would be "yes, often, in the case of a  
professional Minnesinger", but my persona is not a pro and the  
absence of between-verse interludes in particular is excused by that  
fact(I don't have a back-up band) and my definition of audience, both  
of which are part of my in-persona introduction.

> I'm going to cross-post this on the bards list but I think "what  
> makes a
> quality period performance--not based on composition" is not often
> discussed very clearly.

Good thought!

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