minstrel: New lass from Eoforwic, clothing ideas?

Sonja Elen Kisa sonja at kisa.ca
Thu Sep 28 19:30:25 PDT 2006

Hi, I am Sonja of Lyndhaven. (named so because I originally grew up in
New Brunswick). I've been in Eoforwic (Toronto) for some time now.

I am curious to check out SCA events, because I'm interested in
medieval and renaissance period music and clothing.

I play the tenor ocarina, which has a sound similar to the recorder,
but a bit more haunting: http://hindocarina.com/ocarinas.htm

I have no period clothes, and it would be fun to have some. I'd
like to look like a young French (or generic European)
bard/artist/bohemian-type woman from the 1600s. Also I like a slightly
boyish not too girly-girly style. Where can I get some suggestions or
options or ideas for clothing that matches this?

Also what about a nice period lectern?

Sonja of Lyndhaven
MSN: sonja at kisa.ca

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