minstrel: Faking a Baroque Guitar

Jay Freeman Jay.Freeman at sun.com
Wed Jun 28 19:22:42 PDT 2006

Tadhg O Cuileannain wrote On 06/28/06 19:10,:

> Sounds like a fun project.  It would be great to see a
> picture of it, though I guess you can't post it to the
> list (maybe Greg could put it on the minstrel web
> site?)

I don't have any images of it, but there is an image of
the ukulele from which it was derived, at


Just think "more strings and more tuners".  :-)  I didn't make
any other changes in the appearance of the instrument (except
for an endpin and a strap).

The high-gloss finish is scarcely period, but once it gets
scuffed up with use, the warm tones of the wooden parts will
probably do for an SCA event (not that I've done any SCA
events for decades).

 > I did something similar a few years ago, using a
 > child-size classical guitar.  I just did four double
 > courses, more of a Renaissance guitar than baroque.
 > And I used friction pegs.  It worked pretty well,
 > though I'm currently in the process of redoing the
 > bridge to make it more authentic (no saddle).

How did the headstock of your project work?  Did you
put tuning pegs in from the sides, so as to use the
existing slots, or what?  Or was the headstock not

                            --  Jay Freeman

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