minstrel: Psaltery plectrum

Teleri Barod sca_bard at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 03:57:34 PDT 2006

For fun, I've picked up one of those "music maker"

Five or six years ago, I saw someone playing a
psaltery at the EK Royal Bardic competition in
Delaware.  I think it *may* have been Gregory Blount
of Isenfir, but I'm not sure.  The gentleman in
question was playing the psaltery and using quills as
plectrums (plectri?).  

I've gotten myself a pair of turkey quills from the
craft shop and they do seem to work pretty well.

Does anyone know if this is documentable?  (New World
source of quills aside for the moment... )  If it was
Gregory, I suspect that it is. :)

Thank you,
 - Teleri

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