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Lorelei lorelei25 at cox.net
Mon Jun 12 10:38:52 PDT 2006


My SCA name is Lorelei Skye, and I am this year's hostess of the 5th annual
"Chirurgeon's Benefit Concert" at Pennsic.  The concert will be held
Saturday night August 12th , 2006 in the Performing Arts Pavilion starting
at 7pm.

We are seeking volunteer performers of all varieties to help us fill the
evening with music and memories!  Our theme for this year is "Celebrating 40
years of the SCA & 35 years of Pennsic in story and song."   We are
searching for a variety of performers from across the SCA to perform pieces
from and about their SCA kingdoms and cultures (for instance, the Outlands
or the Horde, just to name a couple), from and about Pennsic in the past,
and showcasing the variety of performance arts in the SCA.  We are also
looking forward to seeing acts from previous years on stage again!

The concert began as an ongoing street entertainment venue during "Midnight
Madness" outside the games tent.  Last year we were able to move into the
Performing Arts Pavilion.  A variety of volunteer performers gather from all
around Pennsic, and all proceeds collected "in the hat" are donated to the
Chirurgeon Fund.  The show is run in a variety show format -- show up for
your time slot, and once your piece is finished you are free to go, or stay
to enjoy the rest of the show.

Over the past 4 years, this concert has raised around $800 for the
Chirurgeonate fund.

This concert is not possible without you, the entertainers!

Would you like to help out in other ways?  We are looking for back-stage
hands to help groups with set up and tear down as needed; to help with
closing the pavilion down at the end of the night; to keep water and
refreshments on hand for performers; and to help keep things quiet and
orderly as people enter and exit the stage area.  We are also searching for
1 or 2 more MC's to help announce acts throughout the night.

If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below and e-mail
it back to me at lorelei25 at cox.net no later then July 15th, 2006.  If
possible -- this is not required -- please include an .mp3 and/or lyrics of
your piece.  Also let me know if you would like to recommend any performers,
or a song or story that would fit the evening.  Final decisions will be made
by the end of July, and chosen performers will be contacted by phone or


- Individuals or groups with 1 entry, keep time on stage under 6 minutes
*including any set-up/tear down time and introduction*.

- Acts with 2-3 pieces, keep time on stage to 10-14 minutes or less,
*including any set-up/tear down time and introduction*.

- Material must be fit for mixed company and not slanderous to any Kingdom,
group, or person.

- Please keep to "family friendly" material

Separate audition and volunteer sign-up forms follow my signature.

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

SCA: Lorelei Skye / MKA: Catherine Coate

Co-founder/Entertainment Coordinater/Hostess, 2006

Chirurgeon's Benefit Concert



2006 Chirurgeonate Benefit Concert:  Saturday August 12th, 2006, 7pm-10:30pm

Real Name:

SCA Name:

Kingdom / Group:

Name or Group Performing ("Who should we call to stage?"):

E-mail or phone of primary contact:

Group Camping With:

Title of Piece(s):

Secondary Choice(s) (in case your first choice is already being performed):

Total length of act:

Preferred Time slot (7-8 / 8-9 / 9-9:45 / 9:45-10:30):

Secondary Choice:

Set up time needed:

Are you willing to have other performers on while you set up/tear down?

Are you willing to perform over another group's setup/tear down?

Mp3 / Lyrics included?



2006 Chirurgeonate Benefit Concert:  Saturday August 12th, 2006 7pm-11pm

Real Name:

SCA Name:

Kingdom / Group:

E-mail or phone contact information:

Let me know what you would like to volunteer for:

Pre-show & pre-Pennsic help needed:

-     Getting the word out to entertainers

-     Promoting the show

For the show:

-     Stage manager

-     Back stage hands

-      Refreshment coordinator

-     MC (Master/Mistress of Ceremonies) (*Must have a clear speaking voice
that carries well!*)

Post Show: (10:30ish - 11:15pm)

-     Clean up crew for closing the pavilion

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