minstrel: they had hands, they could have...

Efenwealt Wystle - S Vaughan wystle at ipass.net
Wed Mar 22 18:35:46 PST 2006

Greg, I am flattered. If only my hands were so talented...  I'm 
actually a fan of manualist "Musical" Mike Kieffer who is featured on 
several of Wierd Al Yankovic's recordings.

Seriously though, I've actually been working on performing a trotto 
using a similar technique. I use the hands to play a rudimentary bass 
part, but play the melody by inhaling through a corner of my mouth, 
which ends up producing an almost identical sound.

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> Hey, Efenwealt, for some reason this made me think of you... why is
> that?
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6185603495801760929&q=manualism
> -- Gregory
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