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Sat Jul 1 09:33:06 PDT 2006

looked on this noble land, which is 
so widely praised, I have been
living in a noble manner for the
first time in my life. What I have
always wanted has come about, for I 
have reached the place where God 
walked in the flesh.

Schoeniu land rich unde here,
swaz ich der noch han gesehen,
so gist dur ir aller ere.
Waz ist wunders hie geschehen!
Daz ein magt ein kint gebar
here ubr aller engel schar,
was daz niht ein wunder gar?

O Holy Land, you are the richest, noblest
and most beautiful of all the rich, beautiful
and noble lands I have ever seen. How
many miracles have taken place here!
A maiden bore a child, lord over all the
hosts of angels. Was that not a perfect miracle?

Hope this is helpful,
Jehanne de Wodeford, Danegeld Tor, West

"I do but sing because I must, And pipe but as the linnets sing." 
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, "In Memoriam."

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