minstrel: Re: shawm playing

Mary Hodges hodgemary at onewest.net
Fri Nov 11 19:45:41 PST 2005

> Then practice will definitely make a big difference! A little every day... 
> One tip is that I've seen many amateur shawm players who tend to play with 
> the shawm end pointed down; whereas most professionals play with it 
> pointed well up (i.e. the shawn is held almost horizontal to the 
> ground). I find this helps the embouchere and tone. Playing standing 
> up can also help.
> Good luck
> Caitlin

Thank you!  I practice as much as I can, but the shawm is too loud for 
my family.

I always play standing, and I try to play holding nearly horizontally. 
It's not too bad, but it's hard to reach the low f hole.  I play tenor 
recorder and it's just more comfortable to stand (not to mention that 
I'm really disorganized so I end up playing over people's shoulders 
because I forgot my own music).

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