minstrel: Re: shawm embouchere

Mary Hodges hodgemary at onewest.net
Wed Nov 9 22:24:23 PST 2005

First, I want to thank all the shawm players who tried to answer my 
question.  THe more advice I get the better.

Kirk-I'd love to watch a good shawm player, and learn from a good shawm 
player, but I'm probably the best (and worst) shawm player in Idaho, 
because I'm the only shawm player in Idaho.

My shawm was made by John Hanchet.  It's an alto Spanish shawm in F, 
that's the F below middle C.  It has a two piece pirouette.  The more I 
play it the more I like it, except that it's almost too big for my hands 
(and I have big hands, for a woman).  I just barely got this one, and I 
now I want a C instrument.

I've never played a reed instrument before, unless you count the harmonica.


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