minstrel: Baroque guitar music recorded on Baroque guitar

Stephen Fryer sfryer at prcn.org
Wed Nov 9 08:49:22 PST 2005

Arlys wrote:
> Try the CD "Baroque Music" -James Kline, 11-string arch guitar,
> performing Weiss, Bach, and Scarlatti.

> Jay Freeman writes:
>>I am interested in Baroque guitar music; does anyone know of
>>any recordings in which such music is played on actual Baroque
>>guitars?  (I don't mean the few actual period instruments that
>>have survived -- they tend to be in museums, and justly so; I mean
>>decent modern replicas.)

A few points:
1. The music Arlys mentions was not written for Baroque guitar.  Weiss 
wrote for Lute, Bach for a variety of instruments, including Lute, and 
Scarlatti for harpsichord.
2. I'm not sure what is meant by an "11-string arch guitar."  As Jay 
mentioned in his post, the baroque guitar had five courses, mostly 
strung in pairs (total of 10 strings, though it would be only nine if 
the chanterelle were single strung) of which the bass pairs were usually 
tuned in octaves (a tuning more like a modern 12-string).

Stephen Fryer
AKA Stephen of Hunmanby

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