minstrel: Baroque guitar music recorded on Baroque guitar

Jay Freeman Jay.Freeman at sun.com
Mon Nov 7 15:32:22 PST 2005

I am interested in Baroque guitar music; does anyone know of
any recordings in which such music is played on actual Baroque
guitars?  (I don't mean the few actual period instruments that
have survived -- they tend to be in museums, and justly so; I mean
decent modern replicas.)

There is plenty of Baroque guitar music recorded using modern
classical guitar, but I haven't found any recordings in which
the instrument used something closer to an actual Baroque guitar.

For the record, Baroque guitars were notably smaller-bodied than
modern classical guitars, and typically had five courses of two
strings each, with the lower-pitched courses having strings an
octave apart.  They were often very lightly built, so I suspect
that their sound may be different from modern classical guitars
in that regard, not only because of the different stringing.

My interest is that I am a very amateur luthier, and am
thinking about trying to build a simple Baroque guitar, for
me to play.  Only, I have never actually heard one played, so
I don't know for sure whether the mark I would be shooting for
is one that I would enjoy hitting.

There are a handful of contemporary luthiers who build
Baroque guitars, but they generally try to make replicas with
elaborate decoration, which runs up the price to rather
more than I would care to pay.


                              --  Jay Freeman
                                  Jay.Freeman at Sun.COM

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