minstrel: Lyrics

Sydney Walker Freedman freedmas at stolaf.edu
Fri Nov 4 16:14:06 PST 2005

Greetings to all on the list!

     I am looking for the lyrics to "Li Solaus Luist et Clers et Biaus"
and "A Vous, Tristan verai."  i have recordings with those pieces on
them that most likely have the lyrics in the liner notes, but I'm
blind and can't read the liner notes.  (Braille liner notes are,
well, nonexistent.  :)  )  I could scan the liner notes into my
computer and braille them out myself, but i'm away at college and all
of my CD jewel cases are at home.  Anyway, a recording with both
pieces is the Boston Camerata's Tristan et Iseult.  if any of you
good gentles has it, would you please type up the lyrics and e-mail
them to me (freedmas at stolaf.edu)?  I would greatly appreciate it! 
Thank you!

Pax Christi,
Cecilia de cambrige

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