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Fri Nov 4 15:45:59 PST 2005

hi there :) go for the modern case and make it look "period".  I do the same 
thing with coolers.  I cover them with brown butcher paper (paper-mache) and 
stain it with wood stain mixed with polyurethane and it looks like leather!  
make little straps and but brass fittings where you'd like or 
whatever...here's the article I wrote for the coolers to help you out :)
it's also the same thing I did for my instrument case :) word of advice: 
don't make the glue mixture too watery.......have fun!

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>I remember a 16th century account of an Irish harpist who sat on his case, 
>described as a leather harp bag, for his performance.  Sorry, but I can't 
>remember the exact reference.
>Personally, the carrying case is the one thing that I go modern on 
>(ballistic nylon).  Darn thing's too expensive to risk.  I imagine a 
>professionally made leather harp case would be fine, but I don't trust my 
>skills enough to make a historically accurate, yet safe, case.  I wrap my 
>case up in woolen blankets for period encampment purposes.
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