minstrel: Re: harp case

Hazel Hartman Jenkins hjenkins at uvic.ca
Thu Nov 3 19:25:03 PST 2005

To the learned list-members, greetings,

I'm new to the list and have signed on with a specific question. A friend 
of mine has just built a harp and I have volunteered to make a case for 

As the harp was built as a result of a change-of-persona research project 
(6th-7th century Ireland), and will be used for SCA events, I'd rather not 
make it look glaringly OOP. 

Does anyone know where I might find infomation on period musical instrument 
case construction? Has anyone tried making cases before, and have dire 
warnings to pass along?

My constraints are roughly as follows;
The principal purpose of this case is to protect the harp from bus 
companies. If a tuba or a suitcase full of kitchen sink lands on it, the 
harp must be OK.
It must fit in a University storage locker; so it shouldn't be too bulky.
It will travel extensively, and should be light (harp is only about 3 
pounds). Possibly shoulder strap(s).
My parents have a machine shop, which is handy.
I'm planning on spending a solid week or so on this over Christmas.

The practical constraints take precedence; I'm willing to use modern 
materials, especially if I can hide them. My (vague) initial plans are for  
closed-cell foam padding, cut to shape inside a rigid case which opens 
along the soundbox edge.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations or advice.

All the best!

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