minstrel: Corvus Corax

Barbara Webb bwebb at inf.ed.ac.uk
Tue Oct 11 13:25:34 PDT 2005

> only to note, that the music, they play, is _not_
> medieval.

Well, some of it is. I have 3 CDs of theirs, and about half the tracks are
medieval tunes - Salterello, Palasteinalied, Stella Splendens, other
pieces from the Minnelieder and (medieval) Carmina Burana. Plus various 
renaissance dance tunes. They do also play an ecletic mix of other stuff 
(mostly eastern european folk tunes).

Now you may suggest that the way they play these tunes is not medieval;  
but a fair proportion of these CDs is on authentic instruments and you'd
be hard put to prove "it was never played that way" for _all_ the tracks.
Sometimes I think their version is a good bit more believable than some of
the stuffy renditions of these tunes I have heard from 'historically
authentic' performers (e.g. bagpipe and shawms is a more authentic
medieval sound than recorder consort).

For my tastes, they have now gone a bit too far in the direction of
'medieval rock' but their earlier CDs have some great stuff. I saw them at
a German medieval festival many years ago and their stage presence was
also superb.


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