minstrel: Corvus Corax shows - anyone here attending?

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Mon Oct 10 12:38:15 PDT 2005


I'm new to the list, although I remember pbm.com from my days of 
Play-By-Mail gaming. Nice to see it's still around.  I get the sense that 
some of you are probably fans of current-era performances of medieval 
music.  I'll be attending all four of the upcoming Corvus Corax concerts in 
the US - is anyone else from the list planning to attend?

Corvus Corax is a German band who performs with handmade, historically 
researched instruments.  They play medieval songs, some instrumental, some 
with Latin lyrics, and have been doing so for over fifteen years.  They 
bring a very high-energy, aggressive and enthusiastic attitude to their 
concerts, which has earned them the nickname of "The Rolling Stones of 
medieval music."  Their most recent album, a medieval interpretation of 
Carmina Burana, went to #15 on the German album charts.  The album, "Cantus 
Buranus," was supported by a live show at a Berlin opera house where over 
150 musicians joined Corvus Corax on stage.  Photos, videos and info on 
that show can be found at http://www.cantus-buranus.de  (check the 
multimedia section)

The band is being flown in from Germany for their first-ever US concerts in 
just a few days.  The 8-man ensemble will perform at the Pennsylvania 
Renaissance Faire on October 15, 16, 22 and 23, several times throughout 
each day.  More information on their show times can be found at 

If you're curious about the band, a few full streaming songs can be found 
on their new MySpace Music page at http://www.myspace.com/spielleute

The band's web site is in German but isn't too hard to navigate. It's at 


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