minstrel: lonely harp looking for a new home

Lorelei25 lorelei25 at cox.net
Wed Sep 7 12:15:03 PDT 2005


During the last few months, I injured my left shoulder and have found it
difficult to continue practicing and playing the harp.  I've also been
focusing on the hammered dulcimer and voice for a while now, and hadn't been
playing the harp all that much before the injury.

     I will probably be selling my harp in the next few months, but I wanted
to find out if anyone knows of a bard/minstrel that plays from the Southern
States is looking/needing to replace one lost in the flood.  (If you hear of
someone - let me know?  lorelei25 at cox.net)  I know how losing an instrument
can sometimes be like losing a good friend, having a tooth knocked out, or
being punched in the gut really hard.

It's a 3 octave commercial made "Heather Harp", sharping pins on all
strings, gently used, no case.  Comes with tuning hammer, a video and book
on how to play the harp, (and if I can find where the envelope landed after
my last move- extra strings.)

Thanks you,


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