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Try the Libana "A Circle is Cast" Songbook, which is listed at 
- you may get better results googling with the spelling "Ah, Comme C'est
Chose Belle."

I haven't seen this particular songbook, but I do have their "Fire Within."
Sometimes they arrange a bit oddly (read toward a New Age aesthetic), and
often lower the pitch on songs to accommodate the voices in their ensemble.


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> > Have any of you heard of a 14th c. French canon "Ah,
> > comme c'est chose
> > bell"? 
> 'Fraid not. Do you know if there is a composer?
> Jehanne

It seems to be another song by that incredibly prolific A. Nonny Mouse
guy. I've come across references to it in various on-line concert and
recording programs (including Libana), but nothing definitive.

Thanks--I'll try the link again. :-)

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