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I can't get onto yours either. :(

Have any of you heard of a 14th c. French canon "Ah, comme c'est chose
bell"? I am looking specifically for the music--I don't care how raw it
is. My little editorial brain enjoys a challenge. :)

Failing that, a source would be nice. It seems to be pretty elusive.

However, my rounds class handout is coming along nicely, and while I
still need to make a library trip or two, much of the music is in place.
I am writing out the rounds fully realized, and each has two types of
visual cues for those not so adept at reading music. There are 46 rounds
in it now, and I still have some home sources to exhaust. Renaissance
rounds are relatively easy, especially if you're looking at England; if
anyone knows or can make suggestions regarding rounds in other countries,
both Renaissance and medieval, please drop me a note off-list.

The goal is to make a comprehensive songbook out of the lot.


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