minstrel: Music Swap and MiniWorkshop..(thousand oaks, ca)

Robert Seutter truethomas at usa.net
Mon Jul 11 16:45:05 PDT 2005

Greetings folks-
We (the darachshire instigators) are having a Music Swap and Mini-Workshop
Friday, August 19th. The goal of the Music Swap and Shop, is to have fun,
share knowledge, and promote the performing arts, in the Shire (and anyone
else who wants to join us.) We are hoping to do this every other month or so.
Every event will have a theme- the first one is "Songs we love" and we are
asking everyone to bring a song to share (20 copies of the music) and we'll
have a mini-workshop on tuning the basics (Vocal exercises and Positive
Coaching). Since traffic can be a problem on a Friday, don't hesitate to come
a little later, we plan to go till 10:00. Bring munchies, your favorite
beverages, and a tape recorder. We encourage fighters, crafters, and all
shower singers to join us! 

What: Music Swap and Mini-Workshop!
When: 7:30PM, Friday, August 19th, 2005
Who: Open to every one. Leading this workshop, Thomas Whitehart (aka True) and
many others. Contact number is 805-300-0011
Why: Because it's Fun!
Where: 209 Triunfo Canyon Road, at the corner of Hampshire and Triunfo Canyon,
Oakview Apartments Recreation room. 

So get to the Hampshire Exit from the 101. If you are coming from the north,
this is going through Thousand Oaks, just a bit. Get off and head to the
If you are coming from the direction of LA, head north, get off on Hampshire,
go under the freeway (get over to the far left lane) and head up the little

As you headed into the massively boring and overpriced burg of Westlake,
you'll see a burger king on the right, a bank, on the left. Continue on. Then
you'll see an apartment complex,  and another. As you go past the sign for
Oakview estates, you'll see the intersection of Triunfo Canyon Road and
Hampshire. Right on the corner, {as you are driving in} is the Recreation
Center. We'll have signs out. Find a place to park on the street (you may have
to park on one of the other corners) Parking is usually pretty good. If you
get lost, you can give us a call. 
P.S. most everything in Westlake closes early.

Please join us if you can! Thanks- True and the Instigators....

The right story at the right time and place can change the world!

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