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Holly Linette at epix.net
Sun Jul 10 17:42:08 PDT 2005

At 03:29 PM 7/8/2005 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm want to buy a book that has a collection of troubador songs with 
>printed music and lyrics.  I can find books of lyrics, and I can find a 
>few scattered songs with music and lyrics in a collection of other music, 
>but I want a comprehensive troubador music collection.  Have you any 
>titles to suggest?

Many too many songs in a number of collections for anything to be truly 
comprehensive, but some books have a fair showing of the field:

Most of my suggestions would be fairly expensive, so I would advise you 
investigate Inter-library Loan instead of purchasing.

"A Medieval Songbook:  Troubadour and Trouvere" by Fletcher Collins and 
others.  Melodies in modern notation, chord suggestions, and strict 
(unmetered and unrhymed) translations.  This is available on ABE for $80 
but ILL is your friend.  :)

Also by Fletcher Collins,  "Troubadour and Trouvere Songs in Singable 
English," which is two volumes ($20 each) of melodies with english 
metrical, lyrical translations of the original language.  Cool books, but 
unfortunately the author passed away recently.  They may, repeat may, be 
available still from http://www.scholaantiqua.net/ or other sources.

"Songs of the Troubadours and Trouveres: An Anthology of Poems and 
Melodies" by Samuel Rosenberg is a very nice book, lots of songs, but I 
remember it was a bit spendy back when I got it and now it's listed at 
Amazon as $135.00.  Ouch!

"Chanter M'estuet:  Songs of the Trouveres" is also a good book, also by 
Samuel Rosenberg and others.  No longer available from the publisher, ABE 
lists it for around $40.

Online, <http://brassy.club.fr/PartMed/Partmed.html> has a good selection 
of troubadour and trouvere music and lyrics.  Unfortunately the midi's no 
longer seem to work for me.  I'm not sure what's wrong or even if it's a 
problem with only my computer.

Hope this helps you some!

Linette de Gallardon

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