minstrel: oud

nickolas kaugon ollaimh at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 6 20:21:01 PDT 2005

i just got an oud off ebay . it wasn't being bid on
and i got it for 48 bucks us, with shiping taxes etc
it was still about 90 canadian. it came today and
turned out to be all solid wood , light construction
and playable as is although there are two cracks i'll
glue. i lost my old oud in a fire so i'm excited. this
is going to be fun fun fun untill daddy takes the flat
pick away.

i am wondering how it would work to tie on fretts  the
first lutes were exactly that. ouds with tie on frets.
but i suspect it is better palyer as a oud and

the light kind are the most resonant--and arabic
style. the heavier are usually turkish. both have
their place but i like the light ones. i'm amazed it
was so cheap. so keep trolling ebay youse guys, there
are decent instruments out there often missed by the
mainstream, especially if they are from odd cultures
or poorly known trsaditions.

a few months ago i got a fairly high end bouzouki for
about 300 canadian. it was an old instrument from an
unknown maker and there were again few bids. so it's
worth looking for the odd stuff. of course everbody
bids on martin and gibson guitars but that's not waht
insterests me musically

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