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Hello everybody,

Maybe I can help a little bit.
It is difficult to translate German, but Middle-High-German!!!!

"guenstlichem" does not have anything in comon with "künstlichen"
That is why "artificial" is absolute wrong!

"Guenstlichem" comes from the word "Gunst" which is possible to translate
with "favor" or "grace".

"Mit guenstlichem herczen" means "with graceful heart" or "with favorable

All the best,

Thomas M. Schallaböck

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> Can anyone help me with the title of this canon by Oswald von
> Wolkenstein?  Obviously it means "with ......... heart".  Can anyone
> fill in the gap?

I searched around, the closest I could find was that perhaps
guenstlichem is an archaic variation of the word 'kuenstlich' which
means 'artificial'.
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