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Ok, I admit it, I'm a bit of a ham when it comes to my work, I enjoy showing it off... and this is the perfect place for it.  Please forgive me for the odd mood I am in that has this need, for today being so sunny, I had the feeling to write until my pencil broke.  One is a melody that is sang to to the tune "Molly Malone", an old Irish melody.  The others are poetry.
Lady Brighid Caomhánach 
Shire of Rokeclif
An Inn or a Tavern
( sung to the tune "Molly Malone" )
Oh long have I traveled.
My leathers are raveled,
An Inn or a Tavern,
Do I implore.
My horse has grown weary.
The weather is dreary.
An Inn or a Tavern,
Do I implore
An Inn or a Tavern,
An Inn or a Tavern,
An Inn or a Tavern,
Do I implore.
Dear Keeper do take me.
My money forsakes me,
A room for the evening,
And hay for my horse.
The Keeper looks sadly,
I know this goes badly,
No room for the evening,
No hay for my horse
No room for the evening,
No room for the evening,
No room for the evening,
No hay for the horse.
So now do I travel
With leathers all raveled
An Inn or a Tavern
Do I cry.
Over the hillside
What is it that I spy.
A wondrous Inn.
For me and my horse.
There's room for the evening!
There's room for the evening!
There's room for the evening!
And hay for my horse!
The Gentle Shire of Rokeclif
I come from all known walks of life.
Yet it's for simpler days do I strive.
And so I met that one fine day,
The Gentles of Shire Rokeclif.
So we traveled back in time.
To where the fates had showed their sign.
No one questioned as to why,
I came to the Shire of Rokeclif.
We of the Shire, we are your friend.
True and loyal unto the end.
And so they gave me true hope and I,
Became part of the Shire Rokeclif.
Now I go back to my true life.
Yet now don garb of simpler time.
And travel with friends, happier now.
For I've family in the Shire of Rokeclif.
The Archers of Castel Rouge
One and two the arrows fly
Swift and deadly be.
And at their bows can be seen
The archers of Castel Rouge.
None has yet to match their skills.
Arrows whistling in air.
Quivers at ready for the fray.
The archers of Castel Rouge.
All admire their grace and form.
Bows singing keen.
Someday I hope to take my place,
Amongst the archers of Castel Rouge. 
The Kingdom of Northshield
>From the ground there came a thunder,
A roar from voices, from unseen wonder.
And to its glory within the field,
Came the land that' is Northshield
As time flowed on, the land's strength grew.
And fierce, it's fighters hacked and slew.
And the crown and sword they came to wield,
Became the Principality of Northshield.
>From the future the light did shine.
No barriers in their minds.
The sceptre gleaming in the starlight
Northshield the kingdom of might and right.
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