minstrel: The Cursed Vintner of Northshield.

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Fri Mar 11 18:57:27 PST 2005

My Lords and Ladies,

I must say when I presented my new song. "The Cursed Vintner of Norshield" the 
reception was wonderful and I was incredibly honored.  The gentle, kind, sweet 
Lord Darian has asked me to post my melody to the list, and I am pleased that I 
may do so.

So you shall be able to sing it as well, the melody is sung to the tune of "We 
are the sons of the dragon".  I believe the melody is called.  Of course, heh, 
as worn out as I am, it could be called something else, but it was a wonderful 
Bardic Madness, kudos to our hosts, job well done!

*I am the cursed vintner of Northshield*

By Brighid Caomhánach - Shire of Rokeclif
   - mundane name Bridget Kielas - Galesville, Wi - 

I'm the cursed vintner of Northshield
My tale's a tragedy, true.
My wines and meads, famous are,
But a drink for me is no.

Brewing is famous in Northshield.
Royalty imbibing with glee.
But though I watch faces a'glow,
No drops of drink for me.


Now you love ales a'brewing.
Pray you never will fall.
To the darkness the fates have touched me.
To live in the dryest hall.


So I'm that dry vintner of Northshield.
The best that I can be.
And maybe one day in the next life,
A good brew'll be waiting for me.

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