minstrel: [Atlantia] Early Period Music Theory at Storvik Investiture

Teleri Barod sca_bard at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 8 13:53:59 PST 2005


I will be teaching a class on early period music
theory at Storvik's Investiture on March 26, 2005. 
We'll be going over some of the sources available
before 1200, with an eye to applying what we learn to
composition of melodies and accompaniments.  We'll
cover some of what Hucbald, Guido d'Arezzo and John
Cotton have to say on the structure of organum (early
part singing).

We will touch briefly on medieval modes and
hexachords, but those could fill a class or two on
their own.

The class is geared for an intermediate audience; some
knowledge of music theory terms is assumed, and there
will be examples of written music.  You don't have to
bring anything, but if people do bring
instruments/voices, we can try our hand at writing
some free organum.

I'll also be teaching some period rounds for children
and adults at that event.

Information on the event can be found at:

- Teleri the Well-Prepared

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